The Di Martino Rosy Backpack sprayer - 16ltr comes complete with a hermetic nyplen piston and regulator. These knapsack sprayers can be completely disassembled to allow an eventual replacement of their components. The plastic material is stabilised in order to resist UV rays. The special shape of the tank and the absence of corners enables the total emptying of the tank and avoids the production of residual deposits. It is supplied with an eco-friendly pressure regulator valve which reduces water and product consumption, saving money and respecting the environment.


  • High spraying performance and adjustable nozzle
  • Portable professional backpack sprayer
  • UNI EN ISO 19932 and TUV certified


Height/Length: 52cm
Width: 41.5cm
Depth: 17cm

Di Martino GDM PROFESSIONAL Rosy Backpack Sprayer - 16ltr

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